What You Need to Know About Renting Rooms in Singapore

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  The decision to rent a property in Singapore is always informed by factors such as budget, location, transportation, amenities, size and layout and neighborhood. The other important factor is the state of the property. Residential rental properties in Singapore include apartments, condos, cluster housing, bungalows, flats and penthouses. Renting HDB Housing In terms of preference, about 85% of Singaporeans […]


5 Things You Never Knew About Being A Security Guard

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    Security jobs are one of those careers that are not popular among locals in Malaysia, and therefore are ‘outsourced’ to foreign workers, mainly from Nepal. However, working   in the security line is a perfectly legitimate job that pays fairly alright and is often open to locals as well.   The demand for local security guards stem from the […]


5 Strategies That Can Help You Land A Job In Human Resources

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Getting a job in a company’s human resources department can be difficult considering the fact that hiring managers are usually very strict in sifting through applicants. Hiring managers often require additional qualifications because of the nature of the job. For instance, they may require that you have experience in a specific field like training, development, or management. This is just […]

Mum’s the Word: Products Used by Celebs for a Firmer Post-Baby Body

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Having a baby is a physically grueling process that stretches the body in ways that many women never expected. With everything from enlarged breasts to stretched stomachs to cellulite in unfamiliar places, many women are shocked to see their bodies after giving birth. This overwhelmed feeling does not improve much when celebrity moms flaunt their nearly perfect post-baby bodies mere […]

In Singapore, Mitsubishis Are a Great Second Hand Car Choice – But Here’s What You Need to Know Before Buying

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Mitsubishi cars are known for their all-terrain dependability, classy design, and budget-friendly pricing. If you are looking for a used car to replace your old rusty one, Mitsubishi may have one or two options under their vast fleet of automotive creations that suit your specific needs and preferences. Risks of Buying a Used Car Although it’s significantly cheaper than a […]