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3 Ways to Clean Your Carpet, Plus Helpful Tips!

Have you ever looked at your carpet and wondered: How am I supposed to clean that? Why does it still look dirty after I clean it? What about those stains?

Many people have the same questions. So here are some tips to help answer those questions and keep your carpet looking good for a long time.


A quick pass with the vacuum can help the carpet look better, but it still may not appear as brand new. This is because vacuuming in one direction, and only once or a couple of times, can leave lots of dirt behind. Carpets should be vacuumed with at least 4 passes, much more in high traffic areas, and from many directions to loosen up all the dirt.

This should be done at least once a week, but high traffic areas should be vacuumed much more than that. A robotic vacuum such as the Neato Signature Pro can help much since they can be programmed to run every day without needing you to do anything.



Stains are the easiest to remove when the spill first happens. Try to pick up as much of the spill with a towel. Work from the outside edge inward, that way the stain won’t spread. Nothing is worse than trying to clean up and having the area getting bigger. Keep using towels until the area isn’t wet anymore.

If the stain remains, or you are working with older stains, you can try different cleaners. First, try the cleaner on a small spot of carpet that people won’t easily see. Make sure the cleaner won’t discolor or stain your carpet before using it in an area that will be easily noticeable. Then you can try it on the stain.


Steam or Dry Cleaning

Vacuuming and picking up stains in one area may not be quite enough. This is when you can bring in the heavy duty tools. Look into renting a steam cleaner or hiring a professional to clean your carpet. The ones for sale aren’t as good as the ones you can rent or what professionals have. But they still help if you have one on hand.

Out of the two services a professional might offer: steam cleaning is often cheaper than dry cleaning, but dry cleaning carpet often lives longer. So it depends on what your preferences are which one you choose. Your carpet may also have come with instructions for the best cleaning method.