5 Strategies That Can Help You Land A Job In Human Resources


Getting a job in a company’s human resources department can be difficult considering the fact that hiring managers are usually very strict in sifting through applicants. Hiring managers often require additional qualifications because of the nature of the job. For instance, they may require that you have experience in a specific field like training, development, or management. This is just one of the unique aspects of applying for a human resources job. To improve your chances of landing that job, here are some practical strategies that you can follow:


1) Get experience wherever you can.

Hiring managers place a lot of importance on experience for the simple reason that you will be dealing with a lot of people within the company. Whether you are going to train new employees or look after existing workers, a hiring manager would prefer applicants who have performed these responsibilities in previous jobs. In short, you need to build your experience level before you start targeting bigger companies. Don’t be afraid to take low-paying jobs in lesser known companies. Not only will these jobs provide you with experience which you can jot down in your resume, they also serve as your training ground for more challenging jobs in the future.

2) Customize your resume so that it highlights what you can contribute to the company.

If there are a lot of applicants, a hiring manager would usually just scan through the resumes. If you submitted a generic resume, it will probably end up in the rejected stack. What you need to do is create a resume which reflects your skills that are most relevant to the job. For instance, if you are targeting a leadership position, you should highlight your experiences as a leader. If you’ve earned awards or attended leadership conferences, you should include these as well.

3) Reach out to companies.

There are many human resource jobs that are not publicly advertised by companies. A lot of these firms rely on word-of-mouth and recommendations to find new employees . In reaching out to these companies, you make the impression that you are truly interested in joining their workforce.

4) Try getting the services of a recruitment agency.

Sometimes, you can’t do all the dirty work on your own. In seeking the assistance of agencies, you take advantage of their connections to companies and businesses looking for HR personnel. The agency serves as the bridge that will connect you to potential employers.

5) Join human resource groups and organizations.

These groups include the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM) and the Malaysia Human Resource Society. In essence, this is all about networking and interacting with people in the industry. In a lot of the events and conferences held by these organizations, you can usually find booths by various companies looking for new HR employees.

If you apply these tips, you significantly increase your chances of getting an interview or a follow-up assessment. Always keep in mind that getting a job in human resources may follow a different process. You might go through several interviews before you get hired. That said, you have to be persistent. Just because a company turned down your application the first time around doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t interested in your skills. Apply again if another opening comes up. In the meantime, keep on building your experience somewhere else, reach out to other companies, and don’t stop participating in events by HR organizations and groups.