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6 Best Business Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Running a successful business is anything but easy. Most people will fail multiple times before they are able to succeed. Many entrepreneurs have written books about how to successfully run a business. There are several great business books out on the market today for people who are interested in starting their own business. Below are some of the best books for aspiring entrepreneurs:


Think And Grow Rich

Think And Grow Rich is a book that was written by Napoleon Hill. It was written in 1937 and is still considered one of the best business books of all time. The author of the book researched 40 millionaires prior to writing it. In Think And Grow Rich, he lays out the do’s and don’ts of running a successful business. He also explains why many people are able to get ahead in life.






Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a book written by David Meerman Scott and Brian Halligan. It explains how one can effectively market in the Internet age. The goal of this book is help you get your message out so that you can start attracting more customers.

JerryMills stated that this is a great book that should be read by anyone who is interested in starting a business. Even though this book is geared towards people who are interested in starting an Internet business, the authors have stated that it should be read by anyone who wants to succeed in business.


Inbound Marketing by David Meerman



Awaken The Great Within

Awaken The Great Within was written by best-selling author Anthony Robbins. In this book, he explains how your thoughts and emotions can influence whether your business is successful. He also lays out practical guidelines that will help you achieve your goals. Derek Sivers stated that he has greatly benefited from applying the recommendations from this book to his own life. He also stated that he has read the book five times.






Sometimes, we focus too much of our attention on what successful people are like and too little attention on their generation, culture and upbringing. This book was written by Malcom Gladwell, and it examines the factors that contributes to success. Gladwell reiterates the “10,000 hour rule”. He believes that in order to be successful in any field or craft, one must do it for 10,000 hours. The main message of this book is that practice makes perfect.



Good To Great

Good To Great is a book written by Jim Collins. This book examines the differences between good and mediocre companies. It also spends a lot of time talking about what great leaders do.






Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a book written by Robert Kiyosaki. It gives people principles from generating income without exchanging time for money. Rich Dad, Poor Dad also discusses the importance of financial education.


rich dad poor dad


If you are trying to succeed in business, then it is a good idea to take advice from people who have been down the same road. Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Outliers, Think And Grow Rich, Awaken The Great Within and Inbound Marketing are some of the business books that will help you succeed.