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Follow These 4 Basic Design Concepts to Craft the Perfect Living Room

Designing a comfortable and signature living room concept is often a priority for many individuals. While architectural styles and space allotments vary significantly, there are a few hard and fast ways that are guaranteed to provide you with a living room that is unique to you, comfortable for both your family and guests, and makes an optimum use of space. Below, several tricks of the trade, ideas, and easy design concepts are outlined to provide a good starting point for you.


What the Eye Sees

High ceilings are a popular design aspect in many modern spaces these days. However, this feature can leave a room feeling cold, even when the ambient temperature is idea. As well, if your living space is small, a high ceiling can cause the space to feel even more restricted. There are several ways to cope with this, each of varying cost and design sensibility. Crown moulding around the perimeter of the room at a height of nine or ten feet with a slightly darker and warmer shade of paint below can offer the eye a break. It provides a limitation where no limitation actually exists. Slightly more costly, exposed beams across the expanse of the room at ten or twelve feet can offer a similar delimitation, as well as a firm footing for hanging light sources or ceiling fans, if desired.


Create spaces between each of the furniture to make your living room look nice and organize.


Islands in the Sea

With the exception of very small living rooms, one tried and true design concept for living rooms is the creation of delineated spaces. Use furniture to create separate areas for activity. Especially in very large living rooms, a great deal of open floor space without apparent purpose is daunting. Rather, use couches and armchairs grouped around a coffee table or smaller areas of open space to invite the eye inward. Create spaces for reading in corners, with a comfortable chair or chaise lounge and a small table with a good light source.


Create your own comfortable space of living room!


Entertainment Areas

While watching television is certainly an enjoyable pastime, it should not obviously dominate the room or be the main feature of a living room. Create a comfortable area with a couch and loveseat or armchairs grouped around cupboards for tv and your sound system. This space can be used for conversation easily, especially if you purchase a television cupboard with doors that can be closed over the appliance. Complete the concept end tables and a central, low divan or table for drinks and appetizers or snacks.


Choose warm and neutral tone of paint wall instead of bare walls.


Avoid Bare Walls

Unrelieved white walls tend to give the impression of an impertinent stare and are seldom a good design choice unless you ascribe to the ultramodern or reside in a hot climate. Select a warm, neutral tone of paint or a wall covering with a subdued pattern, and relieve the expanse of wall with a few well-chosen ornaments. Prints or mirrors, light sculptures or floral arrangements can be used to complete a living room design that is well put together as well as signature to your home. If your living room has a fireplace, make the most of this functional focal point by dressing the mantle and hearth with useful items—fire irons, candlesticks or sconces with glass shades, small ornaments that speak to your style, and well-chosen photographs or artwork.

There are many ways to maximize your space with well-orchestrated living room designs. Any space can be made into one which is both welcoming and a testament to your unique personality. These basic design tenets are intended to be shaped by you to suit your space, your taste, and your budget. With a little ingenuity and a bit of effort, your living room will be everyone’s favourite place to gather in any season.


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