Green Rubber Global Potential Being Recognised Around The World

It is true. Datuk Vinod Sekhar is finally building the state-of-the-art Green Rubber plant that everyone has been talking of for the past one year.

Vinod, the President and CEO of the Petra Group, is expected to perform the ground breaking ceremony for the plant in the next few weeks with local and international guests being present.

Hollywood actor, Bruce Willis who is a shareholder in the Green Rubber Global venture may also be present, although this could not be confirmed at this time.

The plant, to be located at an industrial park in Puchong will process some 20,000 tonnes of rubber annually. This may not make a dent to reducing the estimated 1.3 billion rubber tyres that are discarded globally every year. But it is a start.

Vinod has plans to open other plants around the world within the next five years. Talks are now ongoing with a flurry of visitors to Malaysia from around the world, including China, which is very keen to franchise the DeLink technology to resolve their mounting discarded tyre problem.

Not only that, China, which is well known for producing cheap imitations of world recognised products is keen to change its image and move on to producing innovative products from recycled rubber tyres.

“The range of products that can be produced thanks to the Vinod’s latest achievements and improvements to the DeLink technology is amazing, and this is what the China parties wish to take advantage of.

“It’s more than just a question of franchising the DeLink technology or building a rubber recycling plant. It’s all about the new, innovative, rubber-based products that they can make that has enticed them,” said a source close to the negotiations with the China parties.

Whilst the Malaysian plant is expected to be ready in six to eight months, the China parties wish to go on overdrive and have theirs operating far sooner.

“China sees a lot of potential for the plant, and they don’t believe in wasting time when it comes to making money. Hence, they are pushing for an early conclusion of the talks with Vinod and the Petra Group.

“However, Vinod is not about to ink any deal until he is satisfied with the credibility of the parties he is talking to … he wants to be very thorough and that will take some time,” said the same source.

It is left to be seen how soon the China deal will be inked, but one thing is certain, the money making potential of Green Rubber is being recognised far beyond Malaysia’s shores and will surely become a boost for economies around the world.