How Long It Takes To Get a Degree in Law

Law can be an exciting, rewarding and challenging career. Law school is an important step on the road to becoming an attorney. It is there that future attorneys gain the knowledge and skills needed to enter into the world of practicing law. It takes three years to get a degree in law. This amount of time is less than some other fields of study, such as medicine. Law students are divided into classifications of 1L, 2L and 3L based upon the year of study which they are in. Each year of study brings a somewhat different experience as students progress along the path to becoming lawyers.


Keep Calm And Be A Lawyer


The first year of law school is devoted to foundational courses. How well one does as a 1L may help to determine what sort of opportunities are available later on. It is also the time when one meets other law students who may one day be their colleagues. By the second year of law school, students have gotten the hang of things. They should have built a strong foundation in the law by this point. It is in the second year that opportunities such as being able to participate in moot court become available to students. The third year of law school is the final year. By this point, students are fairly well-seasoned. They have had many opportunities to practice the skills that they have learned and build up their professional reputations. Now, it is time to be turning one’s attention toward what happens after graduation. Passing the bar exam and securing a job for one’s post-law school life is important at this stage in the law school journey, and these are the issues on which most 3Ls are focused. It takes just three years to obtain one’s law degree. However, the journey is an exciting one. It you are interested in following this path, find out more here.