Healthy Makeup

Learning To Do Makeup: Tips for Every Part of The Face

Learning how to apply makeup is an important step for any lady who wants to use colors and shades to enhance her style. An understanding of the best ways to apply different products comes from watching professionals and recognizing the types of products that are best for your own face.


Choosing Your Makeup

The makeup products you purchase should be ones that you love, and you can accomplish that by browsing through the selection of 3CE cosmetics or items at your local store. Testing out products for allergies is always a wise idea, especially if you are prone to reactions. Furthermore, you should be certain that the color suits you. Going to the department store for a makeover or just to test out some products on your own will help to prevent you from selecting a foundation that is far too dark for your skin or that does not cover up your blemishes.


Common Makeup Mistakes




Face Makeup

These colors can be the hardest ones to pick out because you can’t just play with them. Choosing a new eyeshadow means that you can blend it with another color if that one doesn’t turn out to be your favorite. Decide what type of products you need. For example, if you have perfectly clear skin, then opting for a tinted moisturizer that gives you a bit more sheen is often a smarter idea than a foundation with heavy coverage. Look into loose powder, bronzer and blushes, and try them on to see what is best.


Eye Makeup

When it comes to your eyes, you usually get to have a little bit of fun. Pick up a palette that has a number of different colors in it so you can see what is best. Also, you can blend shades together or use different shades of the same color on different parts of your eyes to get a look that makes the most sense for you. When it comes to eyeliner and mascara, you want the makeup to be visible, but you also do not want it to take over your face, unless that is the look you’re going for.


Lip Makeup

To get a pair of lips that looks right every time, you want to start with a fresh base. Scrub your lips gently with your toothbrush and warm water and have a good lip balm to apply after you do that. Lip glosses and colored balms often work better for a more casual setting, but you will likely want to have a few lipsticks for the more formal events that you attend.

When you know how to select the right products for your skin and your needs, you can really enter the world of fashion and beauty.