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Mum’s the Word: Products Used by Celebs for a Firmer Post-Baby Body

Having a baby is a physically grueling process that stretches the body in ways that many women never expected. With everything from enlarged breasts to stretched stomachs to cellulite in unfamiliar places, many women are shocked to see their bodies after giving birth. This overwhelmed feeling does not improve much when celebrity moms flaunt their nearly perfect post-baby bodies mere weeks after they receive their new bundles of joy.
Luckily, a woman does not have to be a celeb to use the same products and potentially achieve a firmer post-baby body faster. These are a few of the celebrities’ favorite options for a better body after baby:


1. Lift sagging breasts.

Pregnancy hormones and preparation for nursing can wreak havoc on formerly perky breasts by causing the skin to expand to potentially epic proportions. After this stretching, the breast skin is no longer as elastic as it used to be. Pectoral exercises and a good supportive bra can go a long way toward improving the appearance of sagging breasts, and a Clarins breast firming cream could help improve collagen production to firm the skin.


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Clarins Breast Firming Cream


2.Heal C-section scars

Not all women have Cesarean sections, but for those moms who do, the scars left behind can be unsightly and troublesome. Although most will eventually fade into a pencil-thin line, there are products available to make the healing process faster and smoother. Using topical gel with onion extract or self-adhesive foam strips over the scarred area can help improve the long-lasting battle scars.




3.Diminish Melasma

This so-called “mask of pregnancy” is dark discolorations on the forehead, upper lips and cheeks that are caused by the hormonal changes of pregnancy. While baby delivery will help somewhat with this condition, it may require bleaching creams, retinoid creams or steroids to thoroughly remove the effects.



4.Tighten stomach skin

Even those mothers who manage to drop the baby weight fairly quickly will experience the problems of excess stomach skin stretched from growing a tiny human. Regular cardiovascular exercise paired with tummy-toning undergarments will help get a post-baby body back in shape in no time, while smoothing potential bulges under favorite outfits. Rubbing firming cream into the stomach and surrounding skin could also improve the appearance of sagging skin. 



5.Lessen stretch marks

As the body expands during pregnancy, the majority of women experience some amount of stretch marks on their stomachs, breasts, hips or buttocks, even celebrities. While genetics and the speed of weight gain play a major role in determining the extent of stretch marks, using a stretch mark cream with nature plant oil will help build collagen and firm the stretched skin. 


It takes a long nine months for a woman to grow and develop a baby, and her body is never exactly the same after it occurs. With the proper diet, regular exercise and some of these skin-firming products, non-celebrity mothers can experience some of the same post-baby results as their more famous counterparts.