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Since inception, sports have remained an integral part of the human society and people are enthralled and refreshed by participating or just watching them played. Although, there are numerous games, which are played in different parts of the globe but sports like football, tennis, basketball and cricket have possessed an international appeal. Mixed martial arts is also one the sports, which is widely followed and is gaining huge fame with every passing day.

Mixed martial arts, also referred as MMA is an exciting combination of kick boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, karate, boxing, judo, taekwondo, wrestling, muay Thai and lots of other styles. It is a thrilling fight between two fighters, who are permitted to employ both the grappling and striking techniques during the game.

Uncover the science behind Mixed Martial Arts as technology tests the limits of some of the greatest MMA masters.

Although, this is not an Olympic sport but still has got a big fan following in Asia, Europe and North and South America. People in Far East, United States Australia and other countries of Pacific Basin simply love this game. It is providing strong rivalry to other games like wrestling, boxing and kick boxing. This thrilling sport is also playing a role to flourish the PPV business as there are plenty of television audiences, who buy events and enjoy the private telecast.

The American based Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is considered as the most prominent and biggest promotion company of this game in the entire world. UFC is known for organizing regular events in all corners of the planet and majority of established and reputable fighters participate in these competitions. There are contests for both men and women and both of these categories are enjoying an ever growing fan flowing.


The name MMA was actually given in mid 90s, when the CEO of Battlecade, Rick Blume had suggested it and since then people recognize this fascinating sport as mixed martial arts.

Besides UFC, there are number of other fighting organizations that conduct regular MMA events. All these associations have their own regulations but there are some common rules as well, which are applicable in every event. These unified rules of mixed martial arts have provided definite parameters for the fights and every fighter has to ensure that he will not cross them.

Mixed martial arts rules are made with an aim to minimize the chances of serious injuries to the fighters. Further, the basic objective of these guidelines is to maintain the true spirit of the game as at the end of the day, this is only a sport not a personal enmity.

The fighters are not allowed negative tactics like biting, fish hooking, hair pulling and eye gouging. Head butts as well as attack on the opponent’s groin area is not permitted. There are also some serious restrictions on hitting the back of the head or spine. Moreover, a fighter can not hit his knees on the head of the opponent while he is on ground. Entering fingers in the opponent’s orifice is also considered as illegal.

Besides these restraints, the fighters have to obey some general prohibitions as well. They are not authorized to deliberately throw their opponent outside the ring. Furthermore, grasping of the challengers throat is strictly prohibited. All the fighters are bound to obey these laws, otherwise the judges are authorized to disqualify the contestant, who breaks these guidelines.

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