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Relax More at Home With These 3 Convenient Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning has many different uses, whether it’s for keeping things in top-shape, getting organized or enjoying a clean house. At times, cleaning can be labor intensive. Luckily, there are many simple tricks that will make cleaning much easier. Technologies, such as the iRobot, help cleaning techniques become more efficient. These cleaning hacks are a big helping-hand, especially for busy mothers.





Sanitizing Sponges

Sponges can become very nasty-looking, spotted with all kinds of food debris. These food spots may breed different types of bacteria. This is a very bad situation because they are used to clean dishes and other surfaces. Simply microwaving the sponge for about two minutes will completely sanitize it. Not only does this cleaning tip make things more sanitary, but it saves money by not having to throw the sponge away. With this tip, one will be on the path to a healthier environment.





Getting Rid of Cabinet Gunk

One would be surprised to see how much gunk can build-up on their cabinets overtime. Using soap and a sponge simple doesn’t cut it sometimes. However, there is a simple two-ingredient recipe that is guaranteed to bring any cabinet back to brand-new. Mixing one part of vegetable oil to two parts of baking soda is the secret to this cleaning hack. Simply apply this solution to the cabinets and scrub away, preferably with an old toothbrush. After everything is well cleaned, wipe away the paste with a damp rag. This cleaning solution will not strip away the cabinet lacquer.


           iRobot can you lot of time, let the cleaning done by it.


Easy Vacuuming with the iRobot

This cleaning hack really kills two birds with one stone. The iRobot is a computer-controlled vacuum that will vacuum any room by itself. Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, this self-controlled iRobot vacuum can easily access hard-to-reach places, such as under the bed. One can now be cleaning their kitchen and vacuuming the living room at the same time. This vacuum makes a convenient substitute for a broom since it can operate on almost any surface. With this cleaning technology, one will never have to vacuum or sweep again.


Easy Kitchen Cleaning Ideas


These simple cleaning tips will go a long way. Share these hacks with everyone you know, as it will really help them out. There are many more cleaning tricks out there. However, just these few will make a big difference. These cleaning hacks allow one to clean more efficiently while saving more free-time.