Martial Arts

The Art of Kickboxing

Kickboxing is one of the world’s most effective martial arts. It is very popular and is used as a self defense system and as a sport. Kickboxing is a complex system with many parts to it.

Kickboxing involves striking with legs, fists, feet, elbows and arms. This makes it very effective. Participants in it are resourceful enough to be able to use their entire body as a weapon. This is similar to a tool that is called a Swiss army knife. Every part of it can be used to complete a task. The arsenal of attacks and options for a kickboxer is endless due to the number of options that they have.

Many other arts will only use feet and fists to attack but this is not nearly as effective as kickboxing. Feet and fist need to be thrown from a longer range in order to successfully land on an opponent. If the opponent is too close, kickboxing fighters can use knees, elbows and grabs the person’s neck and attack them. Arguably, the knees and elbows are the hardest parts of a person’s body and can be thrown with little effort and energy. This is different from a kick or punch that needs to use more energy and effort to be thrown.

Taekwondo vs Kickboxing

Kickboxing has boxing and karate in it. The fighters throw the same combinations as boxers. They can move and use footwork in the same fashion also. A good kickboxer will be able to win a boxing match with a professional boxer. Also, the kicks and strike have been derived from various karate styles. Kickboxers have faces karate artists and won or tied them in fights that only used karate rules.

Thai boxing is a form of kickboxing that was developed in Thailand. It uses less kicks than other kickboxing styles. Thai boxing uses more elbows and knees. It has a reputation as being an elite fighting art due to the brutality of the knees and elbows that it’s fighters throw. Many of them practice by hitting their elbows and knees against objects that are hard and this causes their hits deadly. It has a reputation in Thailand of being their prided art and it is practiced more than other types of kickboxing there.

Thai Boxing is well known as Muay Thai


American Kickboxing originated in the United States in the 1970s. Japanese kickboxing began in the 1970s and evolved into a big fighting competition that was known as K-1. Currently, there are many kickboxing organizations throughout the world in various countries and many of them have their own philosophies and brands of the art.

American Kickboxing is started in 1970s.

Kickboxing is a great art for those who want to be in shape. It exercises every muscle in the body. Also, it gives the body a toned, lean and healthy look. Some gyms and schools use the techniques for cardiovascular exercise due to the amount of calories and fat that is burns. The focus is less for self defense or fighting and more on the motions that are used in the art. Every year, thousands of people lose weight and are able to be in great shape due to this type of kickboxing.

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