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Tricks to Ensure You Get the Best Deals from Your Online Grocery Store

Shopping for your groceries online has become very popular because it is so convenient. You can shop at any time and from anywhere as long as you get back home for the delivery. You should know a few tricks to get the best deals when you do your online grocery shopping.



Make a List First

The first trick is to make a list before starting your online shopping session. The last thing you want to do is to try to piece together several meals in the moment while shopping online.


Figure out what meals you want and what ingredients you need. You can even make the list based on some of the items in the discount section of the website. This will make certain you get good deals and do not overbuy or forget some groceries.


Stay Informed About Promotions, Sales and Contests

Stay informed about all promotions, regular sales and contests being held by the online grocer. These discounts can reduce the cost of your groceries by a significant amount. If you know a sale is coming, then wait to buy until it starts. Some online grocery stores like RedMart Singapore have an entire section listing all the current promotions available.




Think Seasonally

Think seasonally when buying produce through an online grocery store. You want to buy mainly fruits and vegetables that are in season. The in-season produce will taste better, last longer and provide better nutrition than out of season items that have been stored for a long time or forced to grow. Seasonal fruits and vegetables also tend to be less expensive.



Judge Value by the Unit Price

Do not look at just the overall price of grocery items to determine the best deal. You have to look at the unit price. This is the price per gram or millilitre. It could also be the price per individual container within a larger package. Some grocery items might cost a little more but be a far better deal when you consider the per unit price.



Go Through the Entire Product Category

You will want to go through every page of the different product categories while doing your online grocery shopping. Do not just look at the first page. This is important because some deals on less popular brands might not be listed on the first page. You want to go through all the pages in each category at least once to make sure you know everything that the online grocer has to offer.


Order Only What You Can Comfortably Store

Even if you get a good deal on some groceries, you are going to lose money in the end if you have to throw those items away because they spoiled. You want to order only what you can store comfortably. Do not over order even if you find a great deal. If you do not have room in the refrigerator or freezer, then do not buy that item.

You need to slow down and take your time when shopping for groceries online. You want to make sure you know everything that going on in the website. You also want to choose the best products possible. These tricks will let you get great deals on your groceries every time.