Robotic Vacuum

Welcome to the New Millennium of Clean



Ever since man and women lived in caves, he or she have been searching for ways to keep their cave clean quickly. In addition, even though we now live in houses or apartments, the search for a way to keep our homes clean in the least of amount of time continues. Unlike households up until approximately the middle of the last century, a dedicated house minder, in the form of a wife or housekeeper is a rarity. Today, keeping house is just one of the many jobs most adults have and not one they want to expend an excessive amount of time doing.

However, a clean home is the goal, so inventors have been working tirelessly since time began to help people clean house as quickly as possible. Chances are the person who invented the broom had no idea the path his or her invention would take from the broom, to the electric broom, to the vacuum. Even the vacuum has become obsolete since like its predecessors, it still had to be manned by an actual person. No, the newest entrant into the floor cleaning market is automated with products like the Iclebo, Neato VX-21, and the original robotic vacuum, the Roomba.

When robot vacuums were first invented, they were a novelty item that most people didn’t pay too much attention to. They were expensive, many people wondered if they could figure out how to make them work and they were expensive. Over time, as more companies have jumped on the robot vacuum bandwagon, the price has come down, the ease of use has increased, and now robot vacuums are all the rage.

What’s not to like? A floor cleaner that cleans the floors when the homeowner is not home sounds like a dream come true for many people. The floor of the home is the biggest dirt catcher and biggest consumer of cleaning time a homeowner faces, so removing this one chore would free up a lot of time for other types of cleaning or just free up time, period.

Robot vacuums work with sensors, which let the vacuum know when it’s reached an obstruction. The vacuum will clean in a straight line until it reaches an obstruction such as a wall or furniture before reversing course slightly ahead to clean to the next obstruction. This way the floor is cleaned with no need of human intervention. Moreover, advances in technology now allow the vacuum to store a map of the room for the next cleaning. The timer function means the homeowner tells the vacuum when to run even if the homeowner is not home to turn it on.

Robot vacuums like the Iclebo, Neato VX-21, and Roomba are just the latest way that technology is making cleaning easier. While completely self-cleaning homes as seen on TV shows like the cartoon, The Jetsons, are still a few years down the line, products like these let homeowners know the time is closer than they previously thought.