Sport Drinks

What’s the Difference Between Isotonic Drinks and Sports Drinks?

A lot of people are new to the concept of isotonic drinks or have never heard about them before. Maybe some of you have heard that they are similar to sports drinks. Now, I often get asked the question “what’s the difference between isotonic drinks and sports drinks?” Well, this is honestly a tough question to answer and one that is more suited towards someone in the sports medicine industry.

However, I can tell you basically what is the difference between the two. In all reality, sports drinks and isotonic drinks are synonyms and there really isn’t any differences between the two. There may be some minor chemical differences and technicalities, however nothing so significant that you really would need to know it unless you are planning on majoring in sports medicine. So hopefully, now you are more aware of what isotonic drinks really are and how they can help you perform to the best of your abilities when playing sports or doing exercise.