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Why So Many Companies are Opting for Virtual Offices

Businesses that flourish and experience longevity are those that are able to adjust to the fluctuating economy and the evolution of their markets. Being able to remain financially functional during those lean periods is vital. One trend that the most recent economic upheaval created is the shift to using a virtual office in lieu of a permanent or traditional office. Many companies have chosen to use the virtual office model over going with the traditional model.


Meeting the Need

There are multitudinous reasons why this trend has gained so much momentum. The most recent economic strain created a high unemployment situation that actually forced many individuals to go into business for themselves. In order to keep initial costs to a minimum, most of the businesses were ran out of homes. This created an opportunity for the small market of “virtual offices” to go mainstream.

The rise in home-based and mobile business created an extremely high demand for flexible work-space solutions. In order to maintain a certain level of professionalism while working from home, business owners needed a place where they could meet with clients or handle certain work tasks. They needed someplace that would answer calls and take messages. These virtual office service providers were able to meet that need.

Eventually the trend expanded from simply addressing the need of home-based businesses to creating a low cost alternative to businesses that had previously ran their operations from a traditional office setting.


Reduced Overhead

One of the primary benefits of using a virtual service is the reduction in overhead cost. A traditional office comes with a number of inherent costs, such as rent, utilities, staffing and more. With a virtual service you only pay for the space and service on a per use basis. The cost savings can be significant.

Other cost that you will not have to be concerned about are things such as decorating and purchasing office furniture as well as hiring a cleaning and maintenance crew.

Because of the way most programs are structured, you will be able to have office space in an area and building that you would otherwise not be able to afford.


Professional Presentation

The virtual services that are provided are simply extraordinary. If there is a service or task that would normally be done in a traditional office environment, you can have access to that service through your virtual office service provider. This means that you can invite your clients in for a meeting at your virtual office. You can also reserve a conference room for larger meetings. You can take advantage of the answering service, providing an exceptional level of professionalism to your company.

Using a virtual office allows you to have a physical address, which can play a major role in establishing the validity and legitimacy of your company. Many people have not yet acclimated to the rapidly changing landscape of business interactions. They are still accustomed to being able to walk into physical building and the thought of a business not having a physical address sets off their suspicious nature.


Receptionist Services

The importance of having a receptionist handle certain things such as answering calls and scheduling appointment is often underestimated. One of the first points of client engagement is through the initial phone call. When a customer calls a number they believe to be your business number and get your cell phone or voice mail, it does not leave the best impression. Having a service that will answer the phone in a professional manner provides human contact that is personable but professional. This will set the tone for the business relationship from that point forward.

There are many more reasons why you should get a virtual office for your business. The benefits of using a virtual office are far too many to mention here, but it begins with economic rationale and professionalism. The trend is here to stay.